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Pat Ameling

Jason and Renee,
Thank you for returning to your journal. I've been patiently waiting 91 days! Your thoughtful consideration of the potential outcomes of continuing are admirable. John's picture is a true testimony that the children from the baby houses in Kazakhstan are remarkably resilient. He definitely is a different boy -- his eyes and smile tell it all. He has found the love of parents and the hope of a bright future.
Blessings to all three of you,
P.S. Tell John his baby house bud, Dinara is looking forward to seeing him again.


Dear Jason and Renee -- It looks as though the banana diet was a great choice for openers and I expect that has broadened out considerably by now - because he looks the "picture of health and happiness", and confidence. How much English has he learned? Thanks for the update. Rob


Thank you for posting. John looks incredibly healthy and happy. I love to see the kids from the photolisting come home to loving families and blossom! What a happy ending... or I should say another happy beginning!

Tammy, mom to another happy guy formerly on the WPA photolisting.

Jason Carroll

Thanks for the kind comments. I've been surprised and impressed with how quickly John has been picking up English. I plan on writing about that in our next entry.

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