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Pat Ameling

I see you have pretty pink toilet paper in the dreaded "closet de toilet". Why is it that the only thing offered to us was a paperback book to tear a page from to wipe????!!! And, what about that shelf in the toilet that holds your deposit above the water for your inspection when you are finished??
Keep the laughs and the pictures coming. We are having a blast traveling down memory lane!!
Pat, Steve, Carly & Dinara. Linda, too.

Linda Sims

Hi Jason and family. I remember the dreaded "toilet room" in the apartment. It was all too easy to get trapped in there if you were just "doing your business" and someone opened the washroom door which effectively opened right against the toilet room door and trapped you there until your cries for release were heard and you were rescued!! We LOVE reading your journal--brings back so many memories that are funny now, but were pretty stressful at the time!! Good luck in court and enjoy Almaty!! Linda (the Ameling babysitter)

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