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Jenice and Pete

Congratulations Renee, Jason, and John Madi.
We are thrilled that you are officially a family. This is the best news. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Godspeed home.
Jenice and Pete Pearl

Gina Kaberline

Wow what a process - But hooray that it turned out the best way! Enjoy your last few days in Kaz without the pressure of the court date! What day do you get back to Chicago? Hope the trip home goes as smooth as possible. Sounds like John is a little trooper and will adjust quickly.


Pat Rotman

Wow, did this journal entry bring back memories for me. I laughed and laughed at your vivid description of your 'facilitator'. She is the best, isn't she?! I don't think we ever saw her in full ass-kickin mode, but I can certainly picture it :) I also remember how exhausted we were after our court day. It is good to have it behind you now. Enjoy Almaty!

Many congratulations! I hope we have a chance to meet some day in Chicagostan.


Way to go...I am glad that everything turned out well and your headed home soon. What a journey you have had!

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